janets Longarm Quilting by Betty Ann.

Besides doing beautiful quilting, Janet is wonderful to work with!
I’ve had Janet quilt numerous quilt tops for me and they’ve all been meticulously quilted – I’ve been very happy with the quality of her quilting. In addition, Janet is quick to respond to a request and after sending her a photo of your quilt, she’ll overlay several designs on the photo and email the designs back to you. It provides a very good representation of how the quilted top will look.

She also gives great suggestions for type of batting and thread color.

Lastly, when the quilt is returned, she includes any leftover batting and fabric. She also gives a detailed breakdown of costs, including batting (if she provides it). 

Her turnaround time is very reasonable – I’d gladly refer others to Janet’s great quilting services.
Barbara F

I hope that Barbara F will find us as easy to work with!  Betty Ann

Creative Longarm Services

Thank you Janet!

So glad we have you to do our

quilting!  Your work is always



I hope Karen finds our work as beautiful!  Betty Ann

It takes me a while to look and see things.  You did a great job of telling me what you did, but it wasn't until I started working on the binding that I really SAW what you were saying. 

Yesterday I showed the quilt to my Sunday quilting group, and they all said that your quilting MADE my quilt be beautiful. 

All of us loved all the different stitches that you chose for each part of the quilt because they were so appropriate.  We all marveled at how beautifully you matched the threads to the blocks.  Thank you so much.
I have more quilts that I plan to bring to you for quilting.

I hope that Judy will return to us!  Betty Ann

Referrals and Testimonials are the highest honor a business can receive from a client.

I absolutely love it!

The back of the quilt is gorgeous!!

Loved your choice of thread and pattern too!

As always, your choices are spot on ... thank you

so much for your love and care of our quilts!


I hope Karen will love our work as much!  Betty Ann

Their trust in us to provide the best possible Longarm stitching services for them is the highest possible recognition.


Testimonials ...
a few words from our clients

Our goal is to provide longarm stitching that enhances the beautiful and unique quilting of our clients by providing our services in ways that meets or exceeds the wants of our clients.

BettyAnnQuilting@gmail.com  209-552-1448  9-6 PT

Janets success was earned one quilt at a time!

We appreciate the loyalty and friendship of our clients. We recognize that of all the choices each client has ... they may choose to allow us to longarm their quilts. Betty Ann

Janet has quilted 8 quilts for me.  She is very particular in finding just what I want on the quilt. 

I really like the fact that she takes a picture of the quilt puts it on her computer and then superimposes quilting patterns over the picture so I can visualize the finished product.  If there is a problem she lets me know and has several solutions to offer me. 

When I receive the quilt I do not find little threads that need to be trimmed off.  She also gives me an estimate of the cost if my budget is an issue. 

I have been extremely pleased with the work she has done. 

I'm sure any quilt she does for you will be just perfect.
Carolyn L

I hope that Carolyn will be back!  Betty Ann