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We have more than 2,000 computerized patterns that we can select from to present the best possible Edge-to-edge enhancement of each client's quilt.

Careful attention is given, working with the client, to understanding who the quilt is for, its purpose (show, wall hanging, bed spread, etc.) so that our Edge-to-edge longarm quilting enhances the quilt's story.

We're all about longarm quilting !!

We hope you enjoy these examples of Edge-to-edge longarm stitching. We add to the gallery from time to time so please check back to see what has been added.

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Call or email now to arrange to have your quilts longarm stitched by Betty Ann.

The quilts presented here demonstrate how creative and complementary Edge-to-edge longarm stitching, with appropriate patterns, have been paired to accentuate the beautiful quilting that our clients have created.

There are hundreds of other quilts that we have Edge-to-edge stitched that could have been included ... as each is beautiful and has great meaning. But, we had to limit what we could present.

Edge-to-edge Longarm Stitching Examples


How a pattern looks on the quilt back using muslin to accent the quilting pattern.

janets Longarm Quilting by Betty Ann.

Creative Longarm Services

E2E Water pattern

E2E stitched around the photo and framed (semi-custom).