Longarm Quilting is about enhancing the creative aspects of your quilt. Betty Ann always takes into consideration

• how the quilt will be used - as a wall hanging, as a bed throw,

  over a sofa or even to be entered in quilt shows.
• how Edge-to-edge will appear compared to Custom stitching

• which of the 2,000+ patterns she has available will present best

• is there a desire for a unique/custom pattern to be designed for

  your quilt?

• how the stitching patterns will appear on the back as well

• how compact the stitching will be so that your quilt can be "soft

   and fluffy" or "tight and stiff"

All of her work is done with laser precision sewing technology using a Gammill Statler Stitcher.  See more on our Studio page.

The computer and software can be set to determine the pattern size, the size of the block, stitches per inch, the number of repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern. However, the true creative aspects come into play when Betty Ann works closely with each client to determine who the quilt is for, how it will be used, etc.

When Betty Ann and the client are going to select a quilting pattern, they evaluate the complexity of the piecing, the overall feel and presentation of the quilt, and the quilt’s intended use. Some quilts just say  "simplicity" while others want the quilting to be part of the design of the quilt.

Quilts can be longarm stitched using Edge-to-Edge or Custom stitching. Some quilt patterns almost require custom stitching because of the complexity of the quilt and its intent. It is important for us to have a sense of what you had in mind so that you are happy with the results.

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Creative Longarm Services

janets Longarm Quilting by Betty Ann.

We look forward to serving janets clients with the same enthusiasm she has. We thank each of our clients for the opportunity to help make each of their quilts a work of art. Thank you for your trust!                                           Betty Ann 

Betty Ann's goals are to please you, the customer, with a quality product, at a reasonable price with fast efficient service.

Contact Betty Ann so she can help you determine how you would like your work of art expertly finished. It is an honor for her to be entrusted to finish each and every quilt.